Frizzy flyaways from your Beyonce fan? Pesky pimple on that otherwise gorgeous face?

Why should these things get in the way of a picture you LOVE!?

As a headshot photographer, I believe that an integral part of getting you a fantastic set of shots is the retouching.  I do all of my own retouching and two retouched shots are included with every shoot.  I also do freelance work if you’re looking to have shots from another headshot photographer edited!

Feel free to send me a message if you're interested in having a photo fixed up.

What people are saying...

"Justin's work is wonderful, but what sets him apart is how prompt and responsive he is. He worked with me to incorporate every detail and returned absolutely top-notch work. Highly recommended!" -- Jack M.

"Justin's retouching is amazing! 100% affordable, professional, and he made sure I loved every little change before receiving my final image. Justin saved the day-- I don't think I've ever loved my headshot more!" -- Amanda H.