Headshots are a weird thing. Right?

You pay a ton of money to have an anxiety inducing experience where you’re pressured to walk away with THE photo that will get you in the room, book you the job, get you those followers, win you that Tony...ok, maybe not in that order.

But does it have to be? Does getting new photos of your face have to vex, stress, and cost a month’s rent?

 I think not.

My personal philosophy is that your session should be silly, fun, self-aware, and enjoyable.  And by extension your headshots will be an authentic, unapologetic, ridiculously human photo of you. That’s it.

OF COURSE you’ll look stunning/gorgeous/handsome/rugged/etc.

NATURALLY the lighting will be perfection

OBVIOUSLY you’ll look like your most well rested & hydrated self.

But it’s still just gotta be you.

What do you get when you book with me?

I’m a working actor who knows this crazy business.  I’ve woken up early waited on line at those open calls, I have laughed at the insanity of 8 bar cuts, I’ve been #booked and #blessed and also #bombed and #Blockheads... I actively audition and perform and know how important having headshots you’re obsessed with does for confidence and success rates.  I’m regularly sent clients from several agencies and managers in NYC because I’ve delivered quality work for their clients.

More importantly than ALL of that...I’m a goofy monster who is obsessed with getting to meet and know people. I’m genuinely tickled by every opportunity I have to help someone work toward achieving their goals and dreams. I promise to bring the 100% full force of all my weirdness and excitement to every single session. When you shoot with me you’ve just gained the newest member of Team YOU.

We will laugh, we will chat, discuss the biz, discuss life … oh, and happen to get you fantastic new shots.

What praises are people singing?

I have had countless headshot shoots in the past, like every actor trying to find the right fit. Justin is the first photographer who made me feel incredibly beautiful and really found ME in his pictures. When I shared the proofs with my family, I received this glowing review from my mother, "YOU'RE SO PRETTY! I mean of course you're pretty, but these make you look SO GOOD! Justin knows what he's doing. - Kristen Y.

Working with Justin felt so easy and comfortable. He knew exactly how to keep the mood fun and relaxed while consistently checking in to make sure we were on the same page and getting the exact kind of pictures I was looking for. Not only is he a knowledgable photographer but an actor as well which means he knows exactly how to speak your language while you're working together. I could not recommend him more! - Chelsea T.

I can't recommend Justin enough! It's not enough to say "you can't beat it for the price!" because Justin's shots are comparable to photographers of a much higher price. He holds himself to such a high, professional standard and does his research on what the industry wants in a headshot. That being said, he's very relaxed-- my shoot was so casual, playful, and supportive. If you want an insane variety of quality shots in a comfortable environment, hit up JSchu! - Anna M.

If you are searching for affordable, fantastic headshots, I would definitely recommend Justin Schuman. His photos are fantastic, but along with getting a successful shot, or shots in this matter, he is very kind and knows how to make his clients comfortable and at ease. JShoots was such a success, and now I feel even more confident entering an audition room knowing that my photos are top quality. - Alex E.

Shooting with Justin was ENJOYABLE! I'm not one to love getting my pictures taken so that was a feat in itself. The whole shoot felt casual and comfortable as Justin listened to any concerns and made sure to capture countless shots with a wide range of looks. By the end, I was left with an amazing assortment of professional and quality pictures. From start to finish, Justin helped make the process easy, stress-free, and fun! - Jesse M.

Don't you want to take headshots with someone who laughs with such reckless abandon?

Don't you want to take headshots with someone who laughs with such reckless abandon?

"Working with Justin was like sun bathing on the beach, sitting in one of those really big lounge chairs under a large umbrella while everyone else is jealousy looking at you. We had the most fun out of anyone who was on the high line on the Sunday we shot. I came in with a clear vision of what I was looking for, and he made sure that it was accomplished. He was so invested in making it a collaborative process. Above all, his energy and personality made it easy to relax, have fun, and produce pictures that show who I am. Go to Justin NOW...otherwise, no sun bathing on the beach for you!" - Abby G.